About Chris


I was born and raised here in York South-Weston.  It is a community that I love, where I have developed many life-long friendships,  and where I have chosen to raise my own family.

Growing up, it was impressed upon me the value and importance of building strong inclusive communities and to help your neighbour. These are the principles that guide me in public life and which I teach to my own children. 

I have worked and volunteered in various capacities in our community. As a lifeguard/swim instructor for Parks and Recreation in my youth, I had the opportunity of working with many of the children from local neighbourhoods across our community. This is where I experienced first hand many of the real economic and social challenges faced by many families. 

As your Trustee, I have consistently advocated for getting the resources that our community schools need. I have regularly fought for the investments that help make a difference, such as Inner City Model Schools funding, infrastructure and playground improvements, and staffing. 

I currently work at  Prouse Dash Crouch LLP, a small community law firm where I assist people in solving their legal issues. In this capacity, I have come to deal with many of the problems and concerns that many people in our community experience on a daily basis. 

When I am not working or trying to mediate arguments between my four very active children over whether to watch Dora the Explorer or Thomas and Friends, I enjoy spending time with family and friends, playing guitar, and watching the Raptors!